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Commercial website development has many aspects. Not unlike the complicated structural mesh of your business network. At OnlyWebsites we start with all the cards on the table. The creation of a multi-functioning, creative websites takes planning, a lot of it. With every project we pull together team leaders to discuss the fine points of each element of construction. After we come to an agreement, we split and go back to the following departments.

Web Building
Layout and construction. Assembling all of the objects and elements. This is where it all comes together. Our staff of web builders construct from the ground up. They are involved with the whole process, start to finish.

Graphic Design
Specializing in original banner, logo, and font design. Our graphics department burns the midnight oil creating stunning imagery that captures the eye and delivers a message. We create the simplest Flash inserts to full length Flash productions. The use of 3D imagery in web construction has yet to begin. An area that gamers know all to well, has finally made its way into mainstream website construction.

Our in-house photographers are actually out of the house more than they are in. Everyone agrees on the fact that the power of the image is paramount. Original photography is usually the best place to start if you want to jump-start your company's image. Our photographers travel extensively on location to take portraits, interiors and exteriors, or even product images. They specialize in photo manipulation, color enhancement, analog to digital transfers, and web size optimization.

Traditionally, behind the scene work was not as glamorous as some. When it comes to website production, programmers strut the cat-walk. Our programmers have years of experience creating innovative sites using MySQL secure databases, PHP programming and Java. The programmers have an uncanny ability to ask just the right questions to make sure the project has clear direction. Our programmers love what they do and rarely see sunlight.

Marketing or SEO
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The change that has taken place in this field is staggering. Google has redefined what SEO is today- holding a majority share of the searches over any other search engine. Yahoo and MSN are trailing behind but are still important players when it comes to optimizing a website. Our marketing department spends hours each day updating themselves on the latest techniques, requirements and upcoming changes. One thing is constant for the field of SEO, nothing stays the same.

We offer a complete branding service. We help you with your business identity as we integrate a whole strategy that is supported by solid concepts created for you. Often branding is overlooked. It's what separates you from the others by letting the pack know that you are aware of your existence. By implementing an all encompassing approach you are prepared at every level.

Foreign Language Support
In more cases than not, your clients or associates live in countries that do not speak English. Direct translation can not only be embarrassing, it can hurt your image and overall sales. Our language specialists concentrate on capturing the nuance that is often lost. We are expanding our language department, but for now we offer support for Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Japanese.

Keeping up with a flood of email and voice mail messages can be trying. In general, most questions can be answered by a well groomed FAQ section. We can design specialized blog, and or chat sections into your site to help you keep in touch with your clientele.

Redesign/ Maintenance
The reality of the situation is that your existing website may be in need of a makeover. In most cases you have expanded and the growth span has not been extended to your web existence. A simple consultation session with one of our experts is the first step. We have years of experience taking an ordinary site and converting it into a work of art. We have created our helpdesk from customer feedback. It is designed to streamline your changes and updates to your site.

We can't put enough emphasis on security for your site. We don't have to. Everyone knows that site security is the most important aspect of the site. Security comes in many different forms. For example, we can custom design your site so that it contains changeable client password logins. We use SSL protection for credit card information. Also, we use state of the art encryption methods to insure that all of the valuable information involving your business is guaranteed safe.

Printed Media
Connecting your marketing into a common theme can be difficult without help. Print media such as brochures, business cards, letterhead, logos, presentations and postcards is something we can produce for your company.

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