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Articles: Achieve More Traffic and Sales With These Powerful Traffic Secrets

Quality targeted traffic is the key for making more money from your website, whether its making more sales or more clicks on ads shown on your website. While there are numerous ways for driving targeted traffic to your site, there are two methods, that have been used for years, and year after year, they have proven to be the best and most cost effective ways of generating targeted traffic.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a powerful way for driving targeted traffic to your site. An articles can serve you in many different ways. First and foremost, it helps you establish yourself as an expert on the subject. Secondly, the attached link in the author resources box, will drive targeted traffic to your site for years to come. Last but not least, article marketing is a great way for building one way back links to your site, which at the same time that is drives targeted traffic to your site, it also helps your site rank higher.

As you can see, a simple well-written article, distributed to article directories, can help you in many fronts. In order to get the maximum benefit from article marketing, there are some very important things, you need to consider. Lets say you are promoting an article submission software. Start by writing a descriptive article about the product. Submit the same article to 5 major article directories, such as Ezine, Article Dashboard, Associated Content and etc. Repeat this process two times a day for thirty days. That's it!... You will be surprised by the amount of traffic, coming to your site. Of course, you don't have to stop there. You can continue this process, by writing more articles, and submitting them to as many article directories as you can. The more article you have out there, the more traffic your site will get, and the higher your site will rank. Perhaps the greatest thing about article marketing is the fact that it doesn't cost you a penny. All it takes is, your time and talent.

Forum Participation

While article marketing is the number one way for driving targeted traffic to a website, there are also other ways to generate targeted traffic. One of which, is forum participation. By participating in forums such as "Warrior Forum", you have the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Not only that, you can also get a lot of backlinks from it. Forums allow you to have a signature in every post you make. Most webmasters use this opportunity to place a link in their signature box, which will point back to their website, creating backlinks, as well as generating some very targeted traffic.

By contributing genuinely and making intelligent comments, you make it more likely for people to trust you, and perhaps click on your signature links, to see what other valuable information you can provide. If you have more useful content on your website, then they may very well become your loyal readers, giving you more targeted traffic.

There are so many other ways to drive targeted traffic to your site, like Social bookmarking, Guest Posting, PPC and Social Networking, to name a few. You can try all of them. But, remember to focus most of your effort on methods that have been proven to be more effective than any other ways, for attracting targeted traffic, like Forum Participation and Article Marketing.

61 easy ways to drive targeted traffic to your site Satrap is the founder and author of blogstash.com. A blog full of great how-tos and information about making money online. Visit blogstash.com to get your share of this valuable information and learn different ways of making money online.

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