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Articles: 7 Ways To Promote Your Website Offline

When it comes to website promotion, there are few rules that are set in stone. Marketing a site isn't limited to online methods, here are some offline marketing suggestions that you might want to experiment with.

1. Business cards - Your URL does not take up much space on your business card. In fact in this day and age where everyone has a website (or at least a MySpace page), your URL should be considered an essential contact information along with your phone number, email address, etc.

2. Stationaries, T-Shirts, Coffee mugs, etc. - There are various sites like that you can create and purchase custom t-shirts, coffee mugs, mousepads, etc. and sell or purchase them to distribute to your friends. Put your URL on these handy items and distribute them as free gifts to your friends, acquaintances, customers, etc., as constant reminders of your URL.

3. Yard signs and billboards - These can be made relatively inexpensively and placed on street corners for passers-by. For motorists to take notice of your URL, it must be catchy, descriptive and memorable. Since short, descriptive domain names are hard to come by these days, you can compensate by using longer but attention-grabbing phrases your URL. However, check with city ordinances before you go about and plant 100 signs on every corner. You can get into a lot of trouble if you do not follow the rules.

4. Bumper and windshield stickers can be an effective marketing tool, especially in large metropolitan areas. When people are stuck in traffic, they'll have no choice but to look at your sticker. Again, you need a catchy and memorable URL for this technique to work.

5. Word of mouth - Tell all your friends, relatives and acquaintances about your site. If your site is any good, words will spread like wildfire and traffic will grow virally through word of mouth.

6. Classified ads on print media is another way to promote your URL. Pick up a free classifieds publication from your local supermarket and look at where other people are advertising their sites.

7. Include your URL on everything you can think of. I've already mentioned stationary and business cards. URLs don't take much space on letterheads, so make it a habit to include it everywhere that's appropriate. I've seen some people with barcode tattoos on the backs of their necks. If you're going to do something with your URL, make sure not to let your domain name expire.

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